вівторок, 26 січня 2010 р.


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  1. Thank you, Carolyn :-)
    My inner mirror is not so correct as the real.
    I am relying more on the feelings.
    But I think that there are some similarities :-)

  2. Hi Ti-gra
    Thank you very much for the Christmas wishes and I hope that you have a very rewarding year. Your self portrait is very nice - you look like an old friend of mine from Bielsko-Bala. I think you have inspired me to give another try at a self portrait - they usually end in failure but it's the trying that's so valuable. i love to see how much work you've done

  3. Hello, Neil! :)) I'm very glad to see you! :)
    So nice that I like your old friend, I see Bielsko-Biała on the map. This town in Poland! It's not so far from Ukraine! :)
    I agree with you, draw a self portrait is very difficult. I painted many self portraits too, and many of them is not very similar. Exact, I think that there are similarities, but others say that not. Because we used to imagine ourself something other than reality.

    Thank you, Neil!I so glad :) I wish you success in your arts!