четвер, 4 березня 2010 р.


Де тролейбус не проїде, дирижабля пролетить! :-)
Хапайте кульки, полетіли разом!

Where trolley not pass, dirizhible flying! :-)
Catch balls and flew together! Hurrey!

4 коментарі:

  1. What a cute drawing! Have you thought about illustrating children's stories? You would be good at it! Maybe even write the stories too!

  2. O! Carolyn, I really thank you for your comment. And it is very important for me - to hear what you think! In fact, I dream about it, so draw what I want to paint and what I see in my mind! I will improve and make something interesting!!!
    Thank you, Carolyn!!! :-)

  3. Lovely! I agree with Carolyn.
    I like the drawing but I also like the explanation and title. It´s very creative.

  4. Thank you, Euphoria! Yes, it is really interesting when we see with the picture the interesting text content! It becomes like a history, a little fairy tale!
    It's a little difficult to me to translate into English suchlike text, but I still try to continue! Thank you, you all are very beautiful! :-)