пʼятниця, 12 березня 2010 р.

Зимова дорога

Winter road
Зимовою дорогою, дорогою додому. Де птахи щебечуть радісно на сонці, де стежка веде до трави і дерев на горизонті...

On the winter road, on the way home. Where birds sing happily under the sun, where the trail leads to the grass and trees on the horizon...

8 коментарів:

  1. Beautiful! The sun is out on the snow and warms the land. You have warm pinks and yellows in the snow, and cool blue shadows. The sunset scene is gorgeous. Makes you wish sunsets lasted hours for us to enjoy the colors!

  2. Here I am, with my husband, he says he loves the colour of the sky and I say I LIKE EVERYTHING. Painting snow is very hard, and you seem to know how to do it naturally. Congratulations. We are both big fans of your work.

  3. O, my friends! It's great to see, feel, seem so hard to draw that well elusive! But opens the heart and the sunset sinking into your soul! And I so wanted to share this with you!
    Thank you for your words, Carolyn! :-) Thanks, Kira! I'm so happy to hear it from you! Hooray, let's draw!

  4. Tam Hess! Hello! :-)
    Thank you! Very glad to see your smiling face! I smile too :)))

  5. These are really great. Excellent colours, and nice and impressionistic :)

  6. Thanks, Jon Davis! :-) I love your sketches! They are very kind and have character ;-)