пʼятниця, 9 квітня 2010 р.

Весняна лінія

Spring line

Весняна лінія неслухняна і летить швидко, як весняний вітер! Агов! Вітре, полетіли разом!

Spring line naughty and fly fast as a spring breeze! Hey! Wind, let's flew together!

To the Childhood


4 коментарі:

  1. You have many differents styles in you. I like the childhood one! That`s my favourite.
    I can feel the wind playing with your pencil.

  2. Yes, Kira :-)
    Often mood changes and all changes around too. I think the technique I choose depending of what I feel...
    Thank you!!! :-)

  3. Again so beautiful.
    I look into the distance and everything comes alive!

  4. Hi, Wietse! :-) Thank you, I see bad with the distance and I often draw with my feeling, I see that draw chaotic lines but when I not focus there is a picture... :-)