вівторок, 13 липня 2010 р.

В давні часи...

In old times...
Колись давно Енти подорожували лісами. Про що співає Фангорн?! Про нові подорожі та пригоди, про війни магів та людей, про сонце, яке закриють хмари. Про чарівні події. Музика лісу лунає.

Once upon a time Ents traveled in the forests. What Fanhorn sings? About new travels and adventures, about war magicians and people, about sun, which cover by cloud. And about the magical event. Music of the forest is sounds.

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  1. This is very magical. Beautiful Ti-Igra! I tried to enlarge it by clicking on it, but nothing happened. I thought you might want to know in case you want people to click to enlarge. I'm looking forward to seeing more paintings from you!

  2. Thank you, Carolyn!!! :-)))) I'll work more with new pictures
    But why you can not open picture (enlarge)!? Maybe a temporary problem. I can open ... Why so! :-(

    Сarolyn, maybe you would can try to right click and open in a new window? Maybe this will help.

    If someone will have the same problem, write me, please! I posted a picture, which can be viewed close-up.

  3. Great stuff, nice and loose and atmospheric.
    I like Orthanc in the background.

  4. It is like living in a wonderful children´s book full of adventures!!! Your imagination is endless, Ti!

  5. Jon, thank you very much!!! :-)
    Kira, thank you too! I so glad! very glad that you are my friends! Hurrey! :-)