пʼятниця, 25 лютого 2011 р.

Теплі побажання

Warm Wishes
Всім, хто потребує тепла та затишку у ці холодні засніжені дні! Теплий чай ,кава та смачне варення зі смородини та вишень із мого садочку! :)
For all those who need warmth and comfort in these cold snowy days! Warm tea, coffee and delicious jam with currants and cherries from my garden!

Експериментації та надиханції :) Experimentationary, inspirionarionity :-)

12 коментарів:

  1. Хочу, хочу, хочу!!! Варення зі смородини - моє улюблене))) І кави, чорної, міцної і духмяної:) Дякую за частування))))))))))))

  2. Будь ласочка, Ілонка! :-)))))
    І спасибі за гості!

  3. Thank you! Your warm wishes are well received here. We are being hit by a snow storm right now and it will last for a few days. It is coming from the north - Canada - so it is more colder than normal. Hot tea sounds like a good idea! Cute painting with a warm glow!

  4. :-))) Hello, Carolyn! So nice that tea is warm you!!!
    Your stories always so interesting! Warm rays from my home to your! :-D Hello, Canada! Hello, Nevada!!!!

  5. aaahhhh so pretty, yes i think i kinda need it now!!!
    thank you! :D

  6. my dearest! what a wonderful atmosphere! you surrounded all by care and love! i just really like the hair of the girl! magical, floating..so soft!

  7. Sympathy for The Devil
    Thank you, sweet dearrr!!! UhuhuuuU! Happy that you here with us and drinking tea, smile!!!! Huray!
    Love! :-D

    genie espinosa
    You are the wonder! :-) I am so happy you get warmth in this room! Sometimes my hair intertwine in similar doodles :-D yaiiiii!
    She loves you, cherry flying to your cup! :-)))) Uhuhuu!

  8. чарівно!! така гарна атмосфера! such a warm and wonderful artwork!

  9. Спасибі, Даша! :-) Ти чудова, як я рада чути тебе!
    Мені приємно ,що тобі затишно!
    Весна вже прийшла! УРААААА! :-В

  10. Dearest Ira,
    so cute! I love it!
    Thank you for the warmth, the tea and the sweeties in this cold days - I need them so much, and I am so happy, to get them all here!

    You are very talented and did a wonderful work!
    I love the little story, and I love the warm colors! So pretty! Awesome!

    Thank you for the little gift on a cold day!
    Thank you for the warmth!

    Have a wonderful sunny day on the first day of spring!

    All the best for you
    and friends for ever,

    from far away Germany ;-)

  11. Hello, Katriiin! :-D I am happy too! Because I painted it really with warm and for all you to support my friends till spring will come!

    Thank you, my friend for your warm comments too! You are always as a Sun!!! :-))))))
    Happy First Soring Day for you, dear!