середа, 27 квітня 2011 р.


Привіт друзі! Смачної пасочки та прекрасного настрою вам бажаю! :)
Я зникла на декілька днів, щоб подорожувати у пригоди. І ось привезла вам спокійної та замріяної погоди. Чи то сонце, чи то вітерець у очереті загубився. А може все ж хмарки і буде дощ? :)
І так мріялося та мружилося! Весняні дні! Погожі дні!
Hi friends! I wish you a delicious kulich and wonderful mood! :)
I had disappeared for a few days to travel in the "adventures". And so I brought you calm and dreamily weather.
Whether the sun or wind are lost in the reeds. And may still be clouds and rain? :) And so was dreaming and winking! Spring days! Fine days!

Це ще не все! Ось декілька фотографій із моїх подорожей на велосипеді ;)
It's not all! Here are some photos from my trips on the bicycle ;)

And here My Lovely Cats!!!! Sofie And Kitty :-D
Hugs from us!

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  1. i can't believe what beauty your artwork is!! speechless!! want to see it 'live'! so tender, amazing job!!

  2. Uhuhuuuuuuu!!!! :-D Dasha, Hi! My dearrr! :-D
    Happy days! For you! Thank youuu!!!

    Спасибі, Сонечко! Якось побачиш мої пастельки, а я - твої чудові ілюстрації, коллажі! Взагалі дуже класно було б десь виставку зробити :) Ехехехееее!
    Прекрасного дня тобі, Сонечко маленьке!

  3. What a lovely, dreamy painting! I love the water and the delicate grasses, and the glow of light through the bushes. Gorgeous!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful bike ride too!

  4. oooh! Sofi has a mouse in his mouth? did she captured him?
    I love the illo is just so catching with those lights and reflects! congrats!

  5. Carolyn: hello, my beautifuul dear friend!!!!! :-)))))
    How I'm happy too see and hear you!!! GREAT! I am so glad you like the picture - it was so difficult to paint the reflections!!!!! ;-)))))))))
    yes, I had sooo happy days! I haven't describe How!!!

    genie espinosa: Yeeess, dearrrrrrr!!! Sofie captured the mouse!!! It's real mouse - not a toy :-D Ihihiiiii!!! How I love cats!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, dearrrr, I was inspired with the sun lights! The water and reflections!!! Wow! It was sooo cooooooool!!! I want to feel it once more!

    Superrrr Huuugs to youuuuuuuu!!!!!
    Uhuhuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Sunny rays is so warm and full of happiness!!!

  6. That is so wonderful Ti, the fog, the reflection, the reeds and everything just wants me to step into the picture.
    I dont know much about pastelcrayons.
    What pastels do you use? hard or soft?

  7. :-))))))) Hiii, Wietse!!! My friend! :-)
    So happy you like this reed and water! :-)))
    I'm use the soft pastel and paper for pastel - CANSON or Murano. I love to paint on Murano with different colours (because it is very easy - to do different gamma colours)- it has a very soft surface.

    I buy different shades of similar colors - light and darker. It is very importent.
    If you have questions - just write me! I'd be happy to answer :-)
    Thank you!

  8. Thanks Ti, I have a lot of material that I dont realy use, it is gathering dust right now (gouache, colourpencils or ink to name just a few).
    So I am a bit cautious before buying a completely new thing like pastels. But still.... it looks very tempting!

  9. Hi, Wietse!!! :-D I understand youuu, friend!!! I have a many-many things too under the layer of dust :-D

    I think you have to trying pastel, because your painting is too soft and looks like real pastel ;-)

  10. hello dearest :))
    your painting gives me warmth ♥
    what a beauty....

  11. and your cats are adorable (especially the black one Kitty) ^___^
    Will Kitty love a witch like me???


  12. WARM! WARM! :-)))))))
    My dearest Wiccan Witch! Super huuugs from me and spessialy from the Black Kitty!!!!!! ^___^
    She is really fantastic!
    Thank you, sweetie!
    Super huugs! :-*

  13. :-D Thank youuuu, dear friend!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))
    I am really love this place! It's very inspiring!