понеділок, 16 травня 2011 р.

"Твой потолок отправляется в небо"

"Your Ceiling Is Sending Into The Sky"
Привіт, мої чудові друзі! Як приємно літати понад землею, шукати чудових днів, шукати нове!
Я не забарилася, я шукаю і надихаюся весняно-літнім повітрям, що розкинулося серед хмар!
Hi, my wonderful friends! How nice to fly above the ground, look in for wonderful days, for something New!
I'm not disappeared, I'm looking for, inspiring with the spring-summer air that is spread among the clouds!

Декілька нарисів із вуличного життя:
Some sketches of street life:

Декілька фото із Білої Церкви - Палієва гора.
Some pictures from the city Bila Tserkva, Palieva gora.
This is a beautiful Place! Isn't it? I was there visiting my friends-artists Kostya and Alina. They are on the picture:

And video with the bird :-D spesial for you (please sorry for my drunk hands :)


10 коментарів:

  1. Ирочка, привет!
    Чудные наброски, такие легкие, как малыши, которые катаются на качельках :) А природа, а зелень - м-м-м-м-м....

  2. What fun to see you enjoying your visit with your friends and the creatures that inhabit the forest! I am so happy you are getting outside, enjoying the Spring and being inspired! Winter is finally behind us! Wonderful drawings too!

  3. Юля: Привееет! Юля! :))) да, малыши такие классные! Я очень люблю их рисовать! Особенно, когда они ковыряются в носу или катаются на машинках :)))
    Спасибо! Наслаждайся весной!!!!!!!!! :))))

    Carolyn: My wonderful friend, Thank youuu! You are always understand my feelings! First day in this forest was rainy and cccold :) but on the next day - we got a lot of fun from the sun and the green around!

  4. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-K6W8VNCptbE/TdDqkgO-wiI/AAAAAAAABl4/DUuebVPHgkY/s1600/In_Bila_Tserkva.jpg

    i love your smile and you looked so happy, i can see that!! :))

  5. :-)))))))) Smile for youuu!!!!!! Thank you, love!
    I am sooo happy you here! :-D


  6. Great sketches, I like the ones on the swing. Bet it wasn't easy, but they're nicely captured.

  7. The sketches are very nice ~ I like their motion and simplicity. The photos are beautiful! You have such a pretty forest to play in. Wishing you many more happy days like that one! :)

  8. Jon Davis: Thank you, friend, very much! :-D
    Yes, it's not so easy, you are right! They are fantastic fast! :-D

    Kimi: Oh! Thank you, my dear! How nice to hear you! :-)))
    I wish you, my friends, Wonderful, marvellou days!!!!!!! :-D ihihiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  9. Hi, Ira.
    The street sketches are nice!
    cute. I like this taste.
    You seems to live in beautiful nature.
    I saw it through your pictures and drawings:)

  10. :) Hi, Juriko!!!! :D
    tank you so much for your kind and wonderful words!
    I love the nature in Japan! And I love the Nature simple of all around, all is beautiful:)
    And people are too :)))))

    You're right, friend! I feel ancient roots in this land where I was born :)