четвер, 15 вересня 2011 р.

"Прощавай, літо!"

"Farawell Summer"
"Иные дни похожи на вдох: Земля наберет побольше воздуха и замирает – ждет, что будет дальше. А лето не кончается, и все тут.

В такую пору на обочинах буйствуют цветы, да не простые: заденешь стебель, и окатит тебя ржавый осенний дождик. Тропинки, все подряд, словно бороздил колесами старый бродячий цирк, теряя разболтанные гайки. Рассыпалась после него ржавчина под деревьями, на речных берегах и, конечно, у железной дороги, где раньше бегали локомотивы; правда, очень давно. Нынче эти рельсы, обросшие пестрой чешуей, томились на границе осени..."
"There are those days which seem a taking in of breath which, held, suspends the whole earth in its waiting. Some summers refuse to end.

So along the road those flowers spread that, when touched, give down a shower of autumn rust. By every path it looks as if a ruined circus had passed and loosed a trail of ancient iron at every turning of a wheel. The rust was laid out everywhere, strewn under trees and by riverbanks and near the tracks themselves where once a locomotive had gone but went no more. So flowered flakes and railroad track together turned to moulderings upon the rim of autumn..."

Just my feelings about last summer days with the book of Ray Bradbury 'Farawell Summer'.

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  1. This is beautiful! And it goes with the lovely story inspired by Ray Bradbury. I love the floating thistle down, wafting in the breeze. I clicked on the picture and it went to full screen with a black background! Such a wonderful addition to your blog. Is this a new blogger feature? P.S. I hope I can post this message now....here goes...

  2. Carolyn!!! Hello!!! How I am happy to hear youuu, so big hugs to you! :D Thank you for your wonderful comment, you always as a sun, I may to recognize you even from the comment style :))))

    Yes, This is a new blogger feature, I see! :D Yesterday was as an earlier! :))))
    I am sooo glad, so glad to see you, Carolyn!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lovely!!! This is one is my favourite so far.
    Excellent composition, original colors, unique sensations. Perfect, as usual!

  4. Kira, my lovely friend!!! I am sooo happy you liked it! :)
    Thank you, friend! Your beautiful watercolour cactus - is my Love!

  5. wow my dearest, how do you do this?
    this is almost like bokeh photography!
    perfect and beautiful, really beautiful!


  6. illustration poetry Hello, darling! :* My huuugs to youuuuuuuu!!!!!! :))))))) Just super that we are friends!Oh, thank you a lot for your warm comments, words! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu <3<3<3