понеділок, 26 вересня 2011 р.

Осіннє тепло

Autumn Warmth
Ці осінні, теплі дні і прохолодні вечори! :)
These last warm days and cool evenings!

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  1. There's something sad about colourful autumn! What a contradiction! But there's also beauty.

  2. cold is comming! :-DDD awesome palette dear! as usual! nature lives in you!

  3. Hi, my wonderful friends!!! :)

    Jon Davis: Hello, dear friend, so happy to see you againe! thank you soo much! :)))

    Euphoria: Yes, Kira, sad that cool is coming! But I love to watch autumn colors and waiting all summer for this miracle! :) Thank you, dearest!

    genie espinosa: Hello, darling! Thank you so much! :)))))))))))) Nature in me, I am in it too! And you too!!! HUUUGS and kisses! :-D

  4. There are lots of reds and pinks in your autumn! In our desert we mostly get golds and yellows. We had a late summer, so we are not ready for winter!

  5. and i would like to just sit under your tree kissing my lover :D

    i wish you a beautiful day, my dearest!

    xoxo ♥

  6. If I did not say it before, your work is very delicate and quiet. In a very nice way, of course. But some of them have that playful feeling too. Great work, keep posting for us :)

  7. beautiful as always, Irochka! such tender and wrm colours mixed together in a beautiful landscape!

  8. Carolyn: Hi, my wonderful friend!!! :) So nice to hear you againe. You know sometimes I exaggerate colours. In this pastel I did more pink but I think it was that mood, in the air.
    Autumn is here in all her beauty! :) Yellows, red and dark green colours :)

    illustration poetry: Hi, darling! Oh, you may come and dream under these trees and not only! :-)))) With love and sad mood - to get more happiness! :-******** Kisses!

    Dalibor Dejanovic: Hello, friend! Your comments are so wonderful! I am as a Happy Hippie now!
    Wish you have a lot of inspiration and cool autumn days! ;)

    Daria Hlazatova: Hi, my lovely! You are the best! My Huuugs! Soo happy to hear you!!!!!!! HUG!