четвер, 8 грудня 2011 р.

У мріях

In Dreams
Коли кораблі пропливають далеко, тиша заповнює серце. Та спогади пригод і бурхливих хвиль проникають у сни...
Silence fills the heart when ships are floating away. But memories of waves and adventures are penetrating in dreams ...

Hi, friends! :) I'm trying to paint more, hope you feel good and enchanted mood always with you! :)

12 коментарів:

  1. Wow nice!
    Your recent works are very fantastic.
    Are they your new theme?
    Did you paint this with computer?

  2. :))) Hi, Juriko!!! So nice to read your comment and to hear you!!! I am very happy that you liked them!
    Yes, it's my new theme - I can not paint sketches with pastel on plain air becouse of cccold :D
    And I decided to try new, to develop technic in which I am not so good :)
    I trying to use different brushes and colour gammas, also - look beautiful paintings of other artists for inspiration :)
    And sometimes I understand things which gives me a new understanding in tradition painting! Sooo cool! :D

    And also, I am training anatomy on practice from my imagination. So Hard! :D

    Thank you!

  3. I'm not good at photoshop and etc, but I feel I had better get that skill:)
    Keep it up! Ira:D

  4. she's so beautiful and calm, i love her wings! awesome fairy! you're great!

  5. Ira my Dearest!
    what do you mean "to develop technique in which I am not so good"????
    i am not good at photoshop (as you can see, heheh...) but you, oh don't you say you're not good at it!

    beautifully well done ♥
    i like it very much!

  6. Daria Hlazatova: Hi, darling!!!! thank you so much! :* BIG HUUUG!

    Juriko Kosaka: Thank you, wonderful friend!! :) Wish you have more time for new skills! And inspiration!

    genie espinosa: Honey - thank you!!! You comment full of warm! :* Hugs and kisses!

    illustration poetry: Hi, darling!!!!!! So happy to hear and see you again! :) You are amazing!
    I want to paint better! :)) I want to paint beyond my possibilities!

    SUPER HUGS AND KISSES, friends!!! Wish you all have fantastic dreams! :)))) You are great!

  7. I am so happy to see your paintings, no matter how you made them! Beautiful! Hugs, Carolyn

  8. Everything can happen in our dreams. What a beautiful idea, Ira!

  9. Carolyn: Super HUUUGS, my friend!!! You are right - no matter! :))))))))) You are great! Thank you!

    Euphoria: thank you, Kira! :) and biiig HUG! Great dreams for you!

  10. She is so pretty! I loved her anatomy and the elusive mod of the painting. She is so real... Lovely, dear Ira!
    And, as always, thanks for your sweet words! Have a wonderful time and have a lot of smiles!

  11. Hi, my dearest friend!!! :)))))) Thank you for wonderful words and wishes!!!!
    I am so happy! Thank you!

    Smiles, smiles!!!! :)))) HUGS!!!!