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The Liebster Award

And Vitamins! :)
Hello, friends!!!! Today is so interesting and happy-bright day! My wonderful friend, Juriko said me about award in "the Liebster blogs"! Hurray! Thank you!!! It is sooo nice! He is very kind and talented! I love his pictures, they are very elegant, light, like Japanese quiet spring wind!

"The Liebster Award" is given to blogs that have less than 200 follower and deserve to get to see by more people. ("Liebster" is German. it may mean "favorite")
When you got the award, you do following things.
1. thank the person who gave you this award and link back her/his blog.
2. introduce 3-5 favorite blogs and comment their blogs to tell that they get award.
Now, I want to introduce 5 artists from different countries of our world.
And their "the Liebster blogs":
   Carolyn Jean Thomson lives in beautiful Nevada, USA. Her pastels - something incredible beautiful! And also she paint with watercolors and color pencils, interesting things! You can visit  her own website with pictures. Thanks to Carolyn I've learned more about pastel technic! She is soooo wonderful friend!

   Jon Davis He is my favorite illustrator of children's books from Great Britain! His characters are so cute and they live on the pages in their book world! I always open his website for inspiration! I love-love-love your illos, Jon!

   Kira Mamontova So interesting girl, she loves to paint with watercolors, write articles and play in tennis! She lives in Argentina and she is very proud of her Russian family's roots (read about this on Kira's website). Flowers, birds, sea shells, different shapes, fragrance of beautiful plants - there are in her watercolors! She is also mother and I don't know how she finds time for all!!!

   Phil Wall and his "Project Photo Doodle"! You must check out his works! I love his monsters, they live in different parts of our planet. You can send your photos to Phill and there will be appear colorful and interesting creatures! Phil painted monsters on my photos with Ukrainian nature, I love them sooo much!

   Tata Taganskaya Tanya is my friend from Ukraine, she loves oil painting, scrubbooking, to do sketchings and now she lives in California with her husband and little daughter. We started to learn academic painting and drawing together. I miss her so much!<3

Thank you, all my friends! You are my VitAmins! :)

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  1. Oh, thank you Ira! You are so kind!!! I will do the same for 5 blogger friends.

    1. :))))) You are welcome, my dear friend!!!! I am so happy that I may to tell all about you! And it will be cool if other friends will read about each other on your blog! :)))))


  2. I'm so thankful! Thank you thank you thank you, my friend.
    I already read Carolyn's blog, I will visit the other blogs now and think about 3 or 5 blogs to mention.

    1. Hi, my dear!!!!!!! :)))) Thank youuu, Kirochka! it was so nice to write about friends! :) just super feelings!!!!

      :)))))))) HUGS!

  3. hi my Dearest sorry for my absence, not feeling really well lately :(

    congrats for the award, you really deserve it ♥


  4. I was happy that Juriko gave you and me that award, and now I'm enjoying your Liebster recommendations! I'm excited to see that Tata lives so close to me! And she did the Sketchbook Project too! I'll watch her blog and maybe get to know her one day. Thank you!

    1. Wow!!! Kimi! That's sooo great! Woo-hooooooo!! :DDD
      May be you really will met one day!
      Thanks Juriko! How small our planet! :)))

      And how cool to have tou, friends! I am sooo happy! Thank you, Kimi, for your comment - I am shining!

      Biiig-biiig HUGS for YOUUU! :*