неділя, 6 квітня 2014 р.

Зелені думки

Think Green
Hello, friends! Spring already in Ukraine, apricot trees are starting bloom! I took my black paper, pastel and go to the park. There are a lot people walking around with children, sweet happy couples, balls, dogs and yelp around.
I sat under old pear tree. This slope leads to a small lake.
At first you see GREEN! This feelings knows all, especially painters. Then when you are paint more and more you can understand and see that green is not so green and more dark - it has yellow ocher, dark maroon, orange, orange brown, and even light pink and ivory colors.
I'll be working on my sketches in colors in future more. This bush was dark silhouette on the light background, I left the color of black paper, after scanning it looks not good :( I'll remember this for future.
Need to invent something with new paper for pastel,
may be watercolor underpainting.

Привіт! Вибралася у парк на етюди, чекаю, коли розквітнуть розкішно абрикосові дерева, щоб помалювати досхочу, а також стане тепліше, щоб мати змогу довше попрацювати і не замерзнути, як сьогодні.
Ось так сіла собі під старою грушею та дивлюся, яке ж все зелене навколо! Але, помалювавши недовго, починаєш розуміти - зелений - не такий вже зелений і яскравий, а більш темний і має безліч відтінків від темно-бордового, коричнево-помаранчевого, блідо-зеленого - до зовсім світлих відтінків рожевого та блідо-жовтого (то виблискують на сонячному світлі засохші минулорічні листочки з дерев). Ось такі враження. Працюватиму над вдосконаленням, бо при скануванні "вилізли" небажані темні плями куща.

~ Подивитися у збільшеному вигляді. Bigger piece of picture in higher resolution.
До зустрічі! Етюдний сезон розпочато!
See ya! The plein air season had already opened!

Hope to paint more on this weekend, this post I wanted to share two weeks ago...

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  1. Hi Ira! Happy Spring! I love your painting. You did very well with the black paper. But I understand how it comes out different in a photograph. Still, I think it is great! I am so glad you are back out painting. Hopefully things are not so stressful in Kiev right now. I know it is in the East. We see it on the news every day almost. Hugs! I am thinking about you and your family!

    1. Happy Spring, dear Carolyn! :))) You know all news! So coool!
      Yes, adversity now transported from Kiev to the East, earlier it was a Crimea and Russia think it is territory of RF now...
      My heart still in pain for my country. Thank you, dear for your thoughts and support!

      You know, I need to invent something new in technique, I will paint somethig, I'll try new ;)
      Thank you sooo much for your comment! It is really hard to show colors and texture on photograph. I was not very sure whether to publish this pastel. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Yes, season has opened - I am painting sometimes in lunch time.
      Have a nice and flavored Spring!