понеділок, 23 листопада 2009 р.

Дощик легко моросить

Як завжди позбігалися малявки, сопіли на вухо за спиною :-)
Бігали по пустому парку, останні дні вимушених вихідних.

4 коментарі:

  1. This is lovely. The colors are soft and warm. It might be early spring, with the new green grass, and the tree just beginning to bud. It is a very peaceful scene and the path invites you to walk through the park.

  2. I also see it as a spring picture, Carolyn! :)))))
    And my mood matched the weather on that day.

    We have very warm weather now, though it should already be snow. There are lawns with green grass in the park.
    Spring Nostalgia! :)
    I bought a color just for the day - light green. And it proved useful to me.
    Thank you, Carolyn! Spring is always in us :)

  3. Ti-gra,
    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I really like your open and loose approach to your work. it looks great.

  4. Thank you, Neil! :))))
    I'm so happy! :) So glad!
    I wish you inspiration and new experiences!