понеділок, 29 березня 2010 р.

Замок Річарда

Richard's Castle (link)

Прогулянка по старих місцях Києва не полишає байдужим! Вже весна, тепле повітря, всі вибираються погуляти містом, позаглядати у відкритий простір із пагорбів над Дніпром.
Бо тут казково!

Walking through the old parts of Kyiv not leave indifferent! Now spring, warm air, everyone comes out to walk the city, see the open space of the hills overlooking the Dnieper River. This is fantastic! :-)

6 коментарів:

  1. I think all these different atmospheres capture your entire attention and your work shows the MAGIC of Kiev. I am your biggest fan!

  2. This is gorgeous! I admire how you can hint at the architecture without actually drawing every line and angle. I feel like I am looking at a castle through a light mist of morning, rising from the dew on the hillside. I also enjoyed reading about this castle in the link you provided!

  3. Hurrey! I'm HAPPY!
    Fuf... I exhale!
    I am happy, that this pastel gave a small spirit feelings for you!
    Thank you Kira, Thank you, Carolyn! :))))

  4. I love everything about it.
    But most of all I think the hint of that blue-ish background just under the horizon.

    When I see this I realy want to get out with my pencils and also do landscapes.

  5. This is great too.
    It's very good how you've managed to suggest the castle. Somehow it's clear what it looks like, without being explicit, very well done indeed :)

  6. Wietse! Hi! :-)
    Thank you for your comments, I really Very glad! And I want to say: "Let's go painting!" to the fresh air! To the blu sky under the head and to the trees with buds!!! :-)))
    Let's go on Plein Air! So I can see your castles and trees! Wow!!! :-))))

    Jon Davis! I am very glad to see you too! And thank you very much for so kind words :-)
    Let's go on Plein Air! I know you have wonderful buildings and castles in London!