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Там, де ходили князі...

Where knyazi (Princes) lived
Це Лиса Гора у Києві. Місті, де зародилася Київська Русь, де жили князі та княгині. Здається тут все дихає древнім і величним!

Bald Mountain (Lysa Hora) is in Kiev. City where born Kyivan Rus', where the princes and princess lived. It seems everything here breathes the ancient and magnificent!

The mount supposedly takes its name from the fact that its top was (some slopes of the hill are still) not covered by trees.
According to the legends , the Lysa Hora hill is the largest and most famous location of the mystical "bald mountain" - a traditional site of the witch gatherings. Particularly, it is asserted in the writings of Nikolai Gogol

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  1. Such beautiful light, and great details you put in the lower front with the texture.

    Very beautiful work again!

  2. Beautiful and mysterious. I enjoyed your description and links too!

  3. The colors and brush strokes are amazing. I love that painting!

  4. Both links are excellent. They reminded me my russian roots. I knew Kiev was the first capital, that´s why I want to go there!
    Your painting is amazing, it´s lighter than a cloud and softer than velvet.

  5. Hello, my friends! I so happy that my links and pastel painting gave an interesting story for you. I share with you my frank feelings. Because when I goes on this earth I feel my historical roots and this is a very powerful force!

    Wietse Hoeksel, thank you!!! :-) I glad to see you!!!

    Carolyn, thanks! I very glad to here you comment!!!
    Tam Hess, thanks to you and wish you a beautifull day!

    Euphoria, I very happy, that my pastel and links reminded you about Slavic roots and Rus'. Kyiv waiting for you. This is a very hospitable city :-)

    Thank you for your sincere and beautiful words!!!

  6. Lovely colours, lovely atmosphere, lovely and dreamy, I really like this :)

  7. :))) Thank you, Jon Davis for so warm words! :)
    Hope I will have more time to paint! And I can share with you new pastels.