четвер, 25 березня 2010 р.


Це моя подруга Оленка, вона ще така юна, а вже створила власну студію танцю Вулиця Фламенко!
Я хочу показати декілька нарисів із вечірки.
Приходьте танцювати!

This is my friend Helen (Elena Piatkina). She is so young but she had created her own dance studio  Calle Flamenco!
I want to show some sketches from the party.
Let's dance! :-))))

7 коментарів:

  1. These a great drawings. I love dancers. You really captured the movement. I hope you will be painting them too! I'd love to see your paintings of flamenco dancers and their swirling skirts.

  2. I think FLAMENCO has so much potencial!!! You should explore it. I love your work, always so natural and beautiful.

  3. yela! Love you too and your Flamenco spirit!!! :-*

  4. Carolyn, Thank you very much!
    Maybe Helen will invite me even to her studio, there is going to a handful of artists who draw, not only me. :-)

    Euphoria, thank you! It is very difficult For me to dance Flamenco, I love the jig and polka ;-)

  5. Я рада, Вікуля! Класно! :-))))) Дякую!