неділя, 21 березня 2010 р.

На Схід

To the East
Мабуть сьогодні мої думки повернули на Схід :-) Образи самі з'явилися на папері...

Maybe today my thoughts turned to the East :-) Images themselves appeared on paper ...

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  1. Дуже чудово!
    А я якраз підтримку японською мови встановлюю на комп`ютер. ;)

  2. Дякую! :-) Буде тобі для натхнення

  3. I admire the way you are able to create diferent things. I think you like extremes and you can express that in a very positive and creative way. I have a big attraction for Western Europe and Asia. I love what you´ve done. It´s modern and very decorative. I think it would look great on a white wall. You should sell it.

  4. These are really interesting.
    You've managed to show the form just using solid black, no tones, and very little line.
    Very good indeed :)

  5. Thanks friends!

    Euphoria, you said such wonderful words! Thank you!
    I actually use a different technique, because I have different moods sometimes. Sometimes - hard and monotonous, sometimes subversive and mad! :-) Often I paint that what is drawn by itself. Sometimes I take as the basis a word and then the story is unwound itself.

    Jon Davis, yes, I use solid shadows to show a light.
    This is an interesting to draw too! :~)
    I am very happy that these pictures have not left you indifferent. Thank you!!!

    I'm very HAPPY!

  6. I agree with what everyone said. These are also great design and composition. In one of my classes we were supposed to do a pre-painting by doing a Notan, which is similar to these - only black and white - so we could determine if there was a good solid design behind the painting we were planning. Great job!!!!

  7. Hi, Carolyn! :-) So HAPPY to meet you!
    Interesting how you say about pre-painting, I think Notan has right! And may be this is a rule.
    And THANK you for your interesting and wonderful comment!!! :-))))