четвер, 22 квітня 2010 р.

Дощ на Венері

Rain on the Venus
Сьогоднішній дощовий день та град за вікном навіяли такі думки :-)
Ми всі поза часом і простором! Ми всі живемо тут , однаково любимо, однаково мріємо!

Today's the day of rain and hail outside the window inspired by such thoughts :-) 
We are all out of time and space! We all live here, equally loved, equally dream!
P. S. And I just learned that today Earth Day! Congratulate!

6 коментарів:

  1. Very dreamy and other-worldly! I can hear classical music in my head when I view this painting - the one called "The Planets"

  2. O! Carolyn! Thank you! I found this great music! Gustav Holst!? I listen and I want to paint more and more! :-)
    "Venus - The Bringer Of Peace"
    Arrangement © 2008 by ROB ASTOR
    Composed by Gustav Holst
    From the Forthcoming Album AD ASTRA

  3. It´s like a fairy tale scenary, sniegurachka´s home maybe?
    Just lovely!
    I see rain inspire you all...
    Love and have a great weekend!

  4. Thank U, Kira!!! :-)
    Wish you have a nice weekend too! With your art and your friends, Larinka and cats! :-)
    Thank you, I feel - how this color and towers reminded you Sniegurochka - something is there!
    Love! Peace! :-)

  5. Lovely colours and mood. Nice and dreamlike, and nice and science fictiony.
    I like the way the detail is just suggested.
    Top stuff :)

  6. Thanks, Jon!
    Very nice to hear it from you! I think that this is not the last planet, which I painted. ;-)