четвер, 29 квітня 2010 р.

Добрий домовий

Kind brownie
Його звати Григорій! Він дуже веселий і усміхнений чоловік :-)
Ми його малювали в студії і мені він дуже схожий на домового! Дуже доброго і привітного.

His name is Grigoriy! He is very cheerful and smiling man :-)
We painted his in studio, and for me he is very similar to the brownie! Very good and friendly.

6 коментарів:

  1. You are an artist with CAPITAL LETTERS.
    I admire your work.
    This man reminds me of Vrubel´s blue and lovely demon.

  2. Hi,Kira!
    Really reminds you? :-) Thank you very much for so kind words. You are as always very frank, smiling soul.
    I have yet many mistakes and not always goes the way I want. But I try to feel the nature of man. This for me is a major task in drawing people.
    Some years ago I was on exibition paintings of Vrubel and I am inspired by his pictures in a museum here in Kyiv.

  3. Wow, this is an outstanding set of drawings. The model is also most interesting. I love his wild hair - like Einstein! Fantastic job, Ti-igra!

  4. Beautifull beautifull!!
    Grigoriy allmost looks like some old fragile titan, proud and gentle at the same time.
    The folds on the knees and the neck and the graphite allmost make him look like a force of nature.

  5. Wonderful! yes he does have a crazy look to him. :) Lots of character, I feel like I'm right there with you. I'm so impressed with people who paint/draw from real life.

  6. Thank you, my friends!
    So happy to here such wonderful words from you!

    Carolyn, yes! He looks like Einstein :-))))) very funny character

    Wietse, you as always very emotional and candid! Thank you!

    Betsy, I am very impressed with your pastels! You are draw wonderful The Life!! People and animals! And your landscapes is superb! :-)
    I'm very glad to see you!