пʼятниця, 28 травня 2010 р.



Привіт, давайте танцювати! Hello! Lets dance!

А потім зачепитись за місяць і летіти кудись! Then catch the Moon and fly somewhere! :-)

Погладити кота! Caress the cat!

Побачити людину-сейф :-) See a man-safe

Покататися на машині, що везе подарунки!  To ride in the car that carrying gifts!
Ви тут? Are you here?
Я іду вам назустріч! :-) I go towards you

3 коментарі:

  1. These are amazing. I have no idea how you do these drawings. They are totally unique. Sometimes I think I am looking through textured glass. Your imagination never runs dry! It flows like a river. What talent!

  2. Hi, Carolyn! :-) This is a special brush call Harmony!
    I love using this brush to paint images that come to my mind, or invent in the process.
    It is very specific, but on the contrary it is very interesting! And everyone draws differently. This brush my lovely of all with own interesting forms and textures! You can try to paint Carolyn! :-) here:

    I think that your words about textures is thanks to the person who invented it, I just use and gives images for you from my mind :) And thank you, Carolyn! You are always so friendly and talk sincerely nice words!!!

  3. They are VERY, VERY, original!!! How did you paint these? I see a different style here...
    I am your biggest fan! :) Have a nice weekend!