вівторок, 25 травня 2010 р.

Туман у студії

Fog in the studio

Це була дуже цікава постановка, при денному світлі у студії! Особливо, коли сонце ховалося за хмари, а Андрій дивився спокійно у вікно... (42х60 см)
It was a very interesting, to paint in daylight in the studio! Especially when the sun hide behind the clouds, and Andrew looked calmly out the window... (16,535x23,622 inches) Sorry, photo not very good ...

3 коментарі:

  1. I'm glad you are showing a close-up of the hands here. This is the best part of the drawing, and the entire drawing is wonderful. I admire your ability to do proportion and perspective so well.

  2. I wish I could take some drawing classes with you, my friend.

  3. Hello, my friends! I so glad to see you! :-)

    Thank's, Carolyn! It was not a simple task, as there was no lamp light, body of Andrey very smooth, no muscle or convex. And so the hands - a unit that best painted, and everything else - is in such a state of semi-blurred. :-)

    Kira, thank you, If we lived with you in one city, we would draw together undoubtedly! If you arrive in Kyiv, we must draw together! I think it will be so great!!! :-)))