вівторок, 18 травня 2010 р.

Welcome to Ukraine! :-)

Hello, my friends!
Spesial for you!

Today I decided to share with all you the history of my country, which I love! Maybe you heard a whole lot about Ukraine, I want to say that it is very beautiful land! Here born and died Scythians, Sarmatians, Trypillians, Varangians, Greeks who lived on the сoast of Black Sea. I feel the roots of old age and strength. Enjoy! :-)


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  1. Your painting expresses happiness and beauty. The video shows amazing places, I like the constant "dialogue between arquitecthure and nature". It reminds me of Russia.
    I hope I can visit Ukraine one day and meet you, why not?
    I watched the images and listened to the music with little Larinka, she loved it too!

  2. Hello, Kira and little Larinka! :-)
    I very glad to hear you! Sure! Come to Ukraine!!!
    We will be walking around Kyiv, museums and streets, walk by stairs of the shore of the Dnieper river!
    I'm going to go to Russia this summer, as I will be there I deliver the greeting from you!!!

  3. Чудовий малюнок з теплим весняним настроєм! :)

  4. :) Дякую, bitcreator! А то - моя пташечка!

  5. OOhhhh I envy you Tiigra! I haven´t seen my russian brothers in a long time. I wish I could go too! Are you going to Moscow?

  6. Yes, Kira, first I'm going to go to Moscow, there lives my friend Natasha. She is a wonderful and very kind person. And then I'm going to relatives in Tver'.
    If you want, I can convey something to your relatives as from you! :-) How about it?
    I do not know yet date when I go there, but I think that probably in June, I will tell you!

    It is very difficult not seen for so long time!