вівторок, 1 червня 2010 р.

10-20 секунд

10-20 seconds
Декілька нарисів зі студії: Several sketches from the studio (so pity that my sketches of our teacher Svyatoslav Brahnov and my friend Tata lost somewhere on Sunday...):

Дівчина-Фламенко, Оленка. Flamenco-Girl, Helen
Маша, вона збирається поступати в художню Академію.
Masha, she is going to join the Academy of Art.

Аня, дівчина-сонечко із рудим волоссям та веснянками, дуже гарно співає і малює!
Anya, a girl with sunny hair and freckles, she sings song very well and paint!

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  1. I see simple an beautiful lines again. Is that ink?
    I visited Anya´s paintings and drawings. She is so talented! A perfect bird in pencil got my full attention.

  2. Hello, Kira! Thank you!!! :-) yes, that's ink on simple paper for printer.
    I will convey Anya what you said about her pictures, she will rejoice! In general, this page has long been there and Anya have not upgraded it for a long time, may be 2 years or more...
    She has now many new and wonderful pictures! We want to do exhibition togather :-)
    And also she have a small daughter Masha :-)

  3. I enjoyed the ink sketches today very much! I also visited Anya and Tata and Flamenco links. I hope you find your drawings! Anya's paintings and drawings were wonderful. I especially liked her portraits and still lifes.

  4. Great sketches. Very simple lines but lots of character and movement.
    Top stuff :)

  5. Hello, friends! :-) Carolyn, thank you! I told your words for friends and they are happy!!! We were at the concert Flameko by Helen's studio in Friday! "Verano Flamenco" Great! :-) Wish you have so beautiful days! Hurrey!!!! :-)

    Thank you, Jon Davis! So glad to see you! :-) and so good words!
    I'm happy-hippy :-)

  6. о, приємно натрапити на знайомих - дівчат-сонечок :)

  7. Валентина Юріївна Паробій, привіііт! :)
    Неймовірно приємно вас чути і зустріти тут!
    Прочитала деякі статті у вас на блозі, ви допомагаєте людям - це чудово! :-)))

  8. Youre lines allways dance so beautifull.
    Verry verry pretty!

  9. Thank you, Wietse! :-) Your words so nice! I verry happy! :-))))