середа, 28 липня 2010 р.

Шахи і Рок'н'рол

Chess &  Rock'n'Roll
Літній вечір у парку, де азартні шахи полюбили танцювати під вільну музику.
A summer evening in the park, where gambling chess love to dance with free music.

Діткам танцювати. Play and singing, children dance-dance :-)

Мамам загравати :-) Moms flirts :-)

4 коментарі:

  1. Great drawings! All those interesting people doing different things. Great movement and expressive positions!

  2. Thank you, Carolyn! :-) All people so interesting! And I feel them. In the park this girl in hat - she was so funny!!! She pestered to this man in glasses and look and look at him all time! :-))))

  3. Lovely sketches, I like the guy in braces especially :)

  4. Hello, Jon, thank you! I'll tell you a secret that I felt that this picture you should like more then all. :-) You love laconism :-) I am too!