четвер, 12 серпня 2010 р.

Хочу на море!

I want the sea!
Хочеться пливти і бачити навколо берег із червоного піску і пролітаючих над головою паропланеристів, що відганяють назойливих в польоті бакланів :-)
Хочеться подорожувати - найбільше хочеться!
I want to swim and see around the coast of the red sand and flying overhead glider pilot that drive away boring cormorants in flight :-)
I want to travel - the most desirable!
So I want to share with you my sketches from last summer. New notebook waiting for new studies! Hooray! I bought tickets to the Crimea! I go to sea very soon! 

На вокзалі. On the railway-station

Дивитися в море, відчувати вітер. Watch the sea, feel the wind

Бродити по берегу. Ramble on shore.

Їздити на катері в Севастополі! Ride on a cutter in Sevastopol!

Згадувати дитинство :-) Be a child :-)

6 коментарів:

  1. I want to travel too, I wish I could go with you! Enjoy!! We´ll wait for new sketches!!!

  2. O! I want to go with you too, Kira! If will the opportunity - come! This time I will be with a photocamera and I can tell through landscapes the history!
    Sevastopol is located near the Chersonese. That the city was called, when Greeks lived there. There are remnants of this city, columns, basement of the house! Very interesting! We can go there and enjoy!
    Unfortunately so far the Crimea - it's the most distant point where I was in my life!

  3. Great sketches! Have a great trip, enjoy the sea and sketch lots!

  4. The last one of the child is so beautifull! How you combine the pastel, ink and paper is realy great. (they are all great ofc)

    Did you use a penbrush to do the ink or just regular brush?

    Have a great fun holliday! Crimea looks beautifull, lots of drawings to do there and post them here ok?

  5. Hi, Wietse! Very grateful to you for your comments! You're very cute! :-)
    Of course I will share with you! I should post here new pictures from Crimea!

    Answer to your question about drawing technique. I trust my feelings. These are sketches I drew with black felt pen first, then added other colors markers. I do all the sketches spontaneously. Just make moves, adjusts itself, I IN to such mood. And so, until the exhaust all my mood. :-)
    As I had the dark "craft" paper, I decided to use it, adding pastels where to be light. And interesting that some in the picture is cold and some is warm. Sometimes it is very interesting to combine different techniques.
    When I draw with ink sketches, I use a brush - the number 4 or 5 - not very big. It becomes very shaggy, his villi protruding in all directions, but I can not stop :-)

    Yes, the girl is very similar to the little girl that I saw :-) I look at her and I felt something like a shining! And you are have feelings too I saw that in your pictures, Wietse :-)