середа, 8 вересня 2010 р.

Планета часу

Time Planet
Застрягнути в киселі подій? Чи пірнути з головою у пригоди?
Або ж прокинутися уві сні і подумати, що ніч минула, а ти спиш і чомусь навколо ніч :) а потім побачити за дверима таємничу постать і заплющити очі! І прокинутися у сонячному світлі і радіти :)

To stick in kissels events? Or have to dive into the adventure?
Or wake up in a dream and think that the night had passed, and you are sleep and why around the night :) and then to see the mysterious figure behind the doors and close your eyes! And then wake up in the sunlight and enjoy :)

5 коментарів:

  1. I love the colours, and to tell you the truth, I see water everywhere, I see even reflected water in the sun.

  2. This is fantastic! Dream-like and futuristic. I have no idea how you created it, and that is OK, because it adds to the mystic and otherworldliness to the painting. I feel like I have been transported to another planet where the reality there is totally different than the reality on earth, and that makes me wide-eyed with wonder....

  3. Hello, friends! Thank you Kira and Carolyn! :-)
    I even wanted to eat this image after I drew it, it reminds me of some jelly :) hi-hi-hi! :-)

    Yes, Carolyn, the reality there is totally different than the reality on earth, how you are saying :)
    I can not say specifically what it is. Sometimes I want to sit down and this is how to draw something without preparation - you are know this process.

    These are my feelings and sensations that I have portrayed, and that's so called - I think sometimes I can get into other worlds:)

  4. omg! my dearest! how wonderful colors and space is! you're magical!

  5. :-D Genie!!! Welcome to the Time Planet!!!
    Magical words around! :-* Thank you and be smiling and happy! With great mood! My dearest Genie-Greenny!