четвер, 21 жовтня 2010 р.

Колір у садку :)

Color in the garden :)
Привіт усім! Щойно я прийшла на місце зустрічі із моїми деревами, розклала триногу та витягла пастель, почав крапотіти дощ. Я вирішила не звертати уваги, вкуталася потепліше у другий шарф, та дощ ставав усе сильнішим. Настав момент, коли краплі почали налипати на папір, тому я все ж вирішила збирати речі. Та потім подумала ще пару хвилин зачекати і, напрочуд, - дощ стих :) та ледь інколи крапотів. Цікаво, що папір став вологим і було незвично по ньому малювати пастеллю, цікавий ефект інколи виникав... Я така щасливееенна! :-D
Hi everyone! Today I arrived at the venue with my trees, pulled the tripod and pastel, rain began to weep. I decided to ignore this moment and bound on the neck my second warmer scarf, but rain became more stronger. Then when the drops began to stick to the paper and therefore, I decided to collect all my things. But then I thought a couple of minutes to wait and surprisingly - rain subsided :) and sometimes barely dropped. Interestingly, the paper became wet and it was unusual to paint on it with pastel, an interesting effect sometimes occurred... I'm so happy! :-D

4 коментарі:

  1. Your painting is lovely and fresh with the kiss of dewdrops. The trees look like they enjoyed a little shower. Lovely colors and misty mood!

  2. Thank you, Carolyn! Your words like songs such lyrical and beautiful! They make me happy! I dancing with the rain droplets bell outside the window! :-)

  3. Water can do amazing things, water is full of surprises. You should use it more! Those trees look incredible, Ti. There´s magic in the process and I can see magic in the result.

  4. Yes, Kira! I love the water very much! Once I sat down to draw with pastels river Dnieper. And the wind blew a sheet of paper into the water. When it dried, I painted the Dnieper on it :-)

    Thank you, K, your words are magical too! :-)