вівторок, 19 жовтня 2010 р.

Осінній сад

Autumn Garden
Потроху осінь додає теплих кольорів у навколишні пейзажі! :-)
Приємно шурхотіти опавшим листям, споглядати ,як летить воно повільно поміж дерев. Дуже хочу помалювати кольором, вдягнутись тільки от треба потепліше :)
Autumn slowly  add the warm colors  in the surrounding scenery! :-) Nice to rustle with fallen leaves, contemplate, as it flies slowly among the trees. I really want to paint with color, only I need to dress warmer:)

Величезна ворона привіталася зі мною, коли я прийшла сюди :-)
A huge crow greeted me when I came here :-)

7 коментарів:

  1. Yes, I would like to see this in color too! Autumn is beautiful. I wish it lasted longer.

  2. Yeah, these'll be good in colour as well.
    I like the bottom one, nicely observed trees, and feel of distance :)

  3. I love those trees Ti! Beautiful curves and sensations!!! We are in Spring down here and I love it, but Autumn is my favourite season.

  4. Great sketches and text - I had an urge to go to the park and have a nice tranquil walk.

  5. Hello, friends!
    Thank you!
    Carolyn, yes, I want to paint in color very much too and share with you, necessarily!

    Jon, really objectively, I am think that there is an feeling of area in bottom one! Yes :-)

    Euphoria, I am glad that you like my autumn lines :-) and this season is so bright and beautiful, but I want the spring! :)

    vorobushek, I am glad to see you :-) Thank you for such beautiful words! Come out for a walk more often ;-)

  6. I-hihihih, Kira! This is a solution! You had invented cool! :-))))
    Hi-hihihihi :-)))