пʼятниця, 3 грудня 2010 р.

Іній на папері

Hoar On The Paper
В такий мороз хіба шарпати по паперу вугіллям під музику Джима Морісона :)
In this frost I may only do scrape with charcoal on the paper with the music of Jim Morrison :)

Шкряб-шкряб. Scrape, scratch :)

4 коментарі:

  1. Were you outside at the park sketching these? Brrrr - I am impressed with your ability and your dedication!

  2. Hello, Carolyn! I am happy you are here! :-)

    Yes! I sketching these outside in the park! I put on two pairs of gloves - one crocheted (no fingers), and others - made of leather with fur. My fingers have been frozen, in between painting I'm went to the store to get warm :) Wonky Ti :)))))

  3. I love your drawing! They are very interenting, I love the lines :). hahaha I hope see more, but I don´t want that you have a cold :D. Big kiss!

  4. Miss Aoki, helloooo! Thank you! :-D You are so sweet!
    You are very positive and cute! Glad to hear you and see your pictures!