четвер, 31 березня 2011 р.

Хто іграшка?

Who Is a Toy?
Маю розповісти вам історію :) 
Одного разу маленька киця по імені (невідомому нам) пробралася до нашого подвір'я, розповідала, яка вона голодна та як вона ховається за диваном від своїх нещадних хазяїв. А потім так і лишилася зимувати.
Я її дуже люблю, а вона щодня муркає щось мені у вухо і спить у мене на голові :-D
I have to tell you the story :)
One day a little kitty named (unknown for us) came to our garden, she told how she is hungry and hides behind the sofa from her ruthless owners. And then she stay at our house for a winter.
I love her, and she daily miaou something to me in the ear and sleeps on my head:-D
A litlle watercolour for Illustration Friday: Toy
Here she is, Kitty :-))

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  1. Very cute! Reminds me of my childhood. So, did this little cat come over to your house?

  2. what a great illustration and nice to meet you Kitty :) I really would love to see your illustrations in a children's book, they would look amazing there!

  3. Uhuhu< Carolyn! Yes, she come here, for operation! She is alright now! :-))) And so happy! I am Happy that she is alive! :-D

    Dasha, thank you, my dear! So nice! May be one day I'll do my own book :-D

    Jara, дякую тобі за теплі коментарі! :)
    Це чудо видужало після складної операції і ганяє цибулину по підлозі! Я така рада, така щаслива, що вона вижила!!!

  4. You should do more watercolours!!!!
    Cats are amazing, I´m glad I read this post, it is a lovely story. Cats choose their owners. Our siamese chose us!
    Your kitty is beautiful and your painting shows the relationship you two have.

  5. aaawwww i love cats (did you know that i have an affair with a cat??? hahah...)

    you seemed to have such great and fun time with Kitty, i just enjoy seeing this cute illustration!

    love your body language! :)))

    kisses hugs ♥

  6. Euphoria, my dear friend, Kira! I am so happy you like it! And yes - cats so cute, they are amazing! I love cats so much! You know! :-)
    Really, your Kitty choose you too???! Wow! :-))) This is a interesting story! Can I hear it from you?

    dont judge people by their avatar: my lovely! :-D You are AMAZING, That is a fact! Thank you so much!!!!
    Kissses & HuuuugS!