четвер, 24 березня 2011 р.


Our hearts are demanding changes
Завжди актуальна пісня мого улюбленого співака Віктора Цоя "Перемен требуют наши сердца". Щонайкраще передає мій настрій, можливо музика та пісня жестів допоможе моїм друзям, хто не знає мови, зрозуміти. Кліп із фільму "Пыль".
As always actual song of my favorite singer Victor Tsoi "Our hearts are demanding change" Best conveys my mood, maybe gestures of music and song help to my friends, who do not know the language, to understand. 
This is a clip from the movie "Dust" (2005)

Снігу немає ~~~ No snow ~ ~ ~

Птахів також ~~~ And birds too
Лише вітер блукає по серцю! Only wind wandering in the heart!

9 коментарів:

  1. This was very interesting. Wish I could understand the language though.

  2. I like the song, is he doing sign-language?
    Sounds a bit like 80's synth-pop.

    Nice sketches also, doesnt look like you guys have sunshine yet?

  3. I like everything. Your art is interesting, sometimes it floats in plastels and sometimes your sketches show realistic lines.

  4. Thank you, my friends! :-)

    Wietse, yes! This is a Russian rock band of 80-90th...
    In this times it was so cool to do experiments with sounds... my older brother listened to his songs.
    I still love them!
    They sang about how to be strong to overcome the difficulties!

    Euphoria, thank you for your beautiful words! :-) You are as always soooo wonderful!

    Carolyn, my friend, you are always understand me and I know you'll understand this music and song without words! :-)

  5. great sketches! i'd love to see them made into paintings, you always choose such great colours. i especially love your landscapes! Spring will inspire you!

  6. :-)))) Dasha, thank you, my darling! I am really waiting for days with a time to plein air! :-)
    And you know - once I did something, in autumn with apple garden :)


  7. Hello, my Dearest :))

    as i dont understand the language (heheh...) let me just enjoy the music!! :D

    always love your sketches, no snow, and birds too, only wind wandering in the heart, yes yes, i think i had exactly the same feeling a long time ago when i was in love...

  8. Hullo, my love! :-D Hello, dearest! :)))))
    I am sooo happy to see you!!! Your visit is always as a light! :-)))) Thank youuuu! :-*
    Yes, it is so 80's! My favorite, my childhood! :-)

    My Kitty say "Hello!" :-) to you!

    Love! Peace! :-))))))))