вівторок, 9 серпня 2011 р.

Білий Жирафик

The White Giraffe
Привіт усім! В дитинстві у мене була маленька іграшка, Жирафик. Я його дуже любила і брала із собою всюди й завжди. Сьогодні він став білий-білий і приніс із собою сніг :) на вулиці холодно і сіро, а мені - тепло у зимовому лісі.
Hello, friends! I had a toy in my childhood - my little friend, Giraffe. I loved him and he was all time close to me. Today he became a White colour! And he bring the light snow. There is too cold and grey on the streets but it is so warm in my "snowbound wood" :D

Warm HUGS!

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  1. it's a magical party~

    i still have my childhood toys (a cow), i love her too much.

  2. :))) Hihiiiiii! Dearest!!! I think our toys may to be friends too :) May be they already are?! :)

    Thank you, sweetie!

  3. How i love this, how wonderful :D is this painted ?

  4. :))) Hi, dearest, Heidi!!! :-)
    I am so happy you liked it! How nice to see you!!!

    You know, I did it in Corel Painter programme but now want to paint something like that on the paper with tempera too! :)

    Big HUG, Gals! :****

  5. As I said before, your imagination is endless, you always surprise me, Ira! You should do it in tempera, watercolor, pastel, pencil, crayon, markers... etc

  6. how cute Ira!! When i was a child i had a little leopard! hihihi! your giraffe must be super cute!!!
    PS.- we're gonna met! we're gonna met!!! dances dances

  7. to Gonorovskyi: Ну він прямо в лапках дами із бантами в горошок :-D

  8. Euphoria: Kira, my dearest! You are always as a sun ray! Thank you sooo much! I'm going to painting!!!! :D :*

    genie espinosa: Dear-dearest, my sunny!!! Uhuhuuu! I want to see you so much! It would be FANTASTIC! Dance-dance-dance! Hurrraaaaaaay! :-P
    Thank you and HUG! :**

  9. hellooo my dearest Ira, i have missed you too!!!
    sorry i've been busy with work, i think i'm a terrible blogger :(

  10. wow you have a REAL CUTE little best friend here, i am jealous, can i pet him too??? heheh... :D

    wishing you a lovely weekend ok!

    with love,

  11. Hello, darling!!!!!!!! How I'm happy to hear you and see you!!!!!!! Uhuhuuu! Cool!
    You are the light! Thank you for all words! You are SUPER BLOGGER! You know? You are always comments all posts! With wonderful words! :)

    Shure, you can pet him! :D He is waiting for your hugs, dearest!

    BIG HUG from me and kisses! <3

  12. Wish you have fantastic week with summer flavors!

    With love, Ira :)

  13. That is just so cute, refreshing and pure fun, thank you

  14. Lorraine: Thank you, sweetie! :))) I'm now in trip in Prague!!! HEllo!!!