вівторок, 16 серпня 2011 р.


Swell For IF
Something in my head :)
Hello, friends! This is a ink/watercolour drawing I did for word "Swell".
Wish you have fantastic week and wonderful dreams! :*

See you later soon! :))))) HUG!

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  1. Irochka, this is very expressive and beautiful! the colour look so good together!

  2. Hello, dear!!!! Dashen'ka, I'm glad you liked this drawing! :)
    I don't know what is it, but I think that it is something looks like a plant - maybe a fern?! :)

    Wish you have a wonderful days, my dearest friend!!!!!! :*

  3. Looks like a very strong thought, full of fire and determination.

  4. I like this a LOT!! Very mystic, the movement is beautiful... almost like a flame or a phoenix. Strong and delicate at the same time.

  5. Euphoria: Kira, thank you, sweetie!!! Hello from Prague! I'm here now! HURRAY!!!!!!

    Isabelle: Thank you, friend!!!! You are so sweet!

    Lorraine: Thank you, dear and talented, Lorraine! Be happy and smile!

    BIG HUGS TO YOU, my friends!

  6. wonderful details, a strong image that says: why burn the world when we can make it a paradise?

  7. bytheway, let me re-follow your blog, i think theres something wrong with my blogger account :(

  8. Beautiful perpective, I love the curls of flame.
    The passion 'swells' nicely.

  9. indira lakhsmita:
    Hi, lovely!!!! :) I am sooo happy you are here! I don't know what is it with your accaunt, I see that you have new post but there - only old one with girl...
    I'm verry glad to see you and hear again, all time! My huuugs and kisses! :********

    Thuraya Lynn: Hello, darling!!!!! Hi, sweetie! Sooo happy to hear youuu! Thank you for such warm comments! :) And I am happy that you loved these curls of flame :) I had curls too and sometimes I feel the power in them :D

    Huuugs and kisses!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3