понеділок, 29 серпня 2011 р.

Collaboration With Phil

Hello, friends! I want to share with you one great Project! :)
Here two photos with Ukrainian landscapes which Phil turned into the interesting world with so cute and fantastic creatures! WOW!!!

Look at these wonders!

And I want to say "THANK YOU, Phil !!!!" together with my lovely Kitty and HUGS!

HUGS HUGS! How wonderful to be a painter and how wonderful when somebody makes pictures for you! :))))))

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  1. awesome collabo!! i loved it!!! i also love your portrait! so cure my sun!

  2. Yes, when you create and someone creates for you, you understand the gift from a different view. The pictures are very original. I like the kitten a lot! It reminds me of a small creature from Japan.

  3. Ira my dear. I love these!
    So precious! You've inspired me to go out and take a nice picture of Kuwait and get a monster in it, hehe.

  4. Genie espinosa: it was so interesting to wait for Phil's art! And I'm impressed! These wonderful Creatures are lives now in Ukraine! Uhuhuu!

    Euphoria: oh, yes, Kira, this is fantastic feelings! And also, you may to send your pictures from Argentina to Phil, ask him ;-)
    My wonderful friends, thank you! KISSES!

    St.Ainolopa: Hi, dearest! I am sooo happy you loved the Ukrainian nature!!!!! Uhuhuuu!!
    And also, I don't forgot about the letter for youuu! :*

    Thuraya Lynn: Hi, my wonderful, sweetheart! Yes! You may take yur photocamera! It would be great to see pictures from Kuwait!!!!! I am waiting for new Phil's and your art!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you all my wonderful friends!!!!


  5. you are right, these are wonderful creations... i would like to go to Ukraine someday :)

  6. ахах, клас)) українські ландшафти раптом стали казковими та фантастичними))

    1. Так, Філ прикольний ) щось як придумає! І я тепер щоразу дивлюся на цей вітрячок і бачу там чудіка, який підморгує мені, сидячи під промінчиками сонця )