вівторок, 13 березня 2012 р.

Засніжені поля

Snowy Fields
Зима іще триває, але весняні пташечки співають вже радісних пісень вранці.
За вікном автобусу - засніжені поля і замерзлі калюжі...
Winter is still here, but spring birds sing happy songs in the morning.
Outside the bus
window - snow-covered fields and frozen puddles, very moody landscapes...
P.S. It was so hard to do photo from this pastel... :) 
Та ще фото із вікна. And one photo from the window :))))))
А я їхала і слухала чарівну музику, і все навколо ставало казковим.
I traveled and listened to charming music:

5 коментарів:

  1. WOWWWW, love Depeche Mode, I used to listen to them in High School. I love your pintings too. I guess is still cold up there and still pretty hot down here.

  2. You captured the scene, color, atmosphere, winter to spring. There is mood here - longing for spring, longing for the snow to melt and the green things to sprout, sun shining, blue skies. Every day this week we have high winds and blustery clouds sailing by. The birds take refuge from the wind.

  3. Hi, girls!!!! Sooo happy, you felt my mood and mood of nature. There are new days with sun, and I hope, spring will come soon! :*

    Kira, yeees! I love English rock bands, as Radiohead, Depeche Mode! :))) there moody, interesting music :)

    Carolyn - I know - Spring will come to Nevada too very soon! :) And your birds will sing happy song on your yard for you! :)

  4. Youre landscapes are allways beautifull, but this one is realy my favourite! I love how you create atmosphere and still get all the important details. It reminds me of tose old classic masters. Very beautiful!

    And oh yeah, Depeche Mode rocks!

    1. Wow! I am sooo happy, friend! It is very importent, you know, I can understand what I did only after few days... And, now weather is changes and I see how it was impotent to paint snow day - it is gone... But we have memoirs of it!
      Thank you very much! :)