вівторок, 24 квітня 2012 р.

По слідах Кастанєди

Following Castañeda
Якось малювала нариси із уяви. Ніколи не була в пустелі, відчуваю, там дуже гарно і спекотно!!!!! Думаю, всім буде цікаво подивитися пастелі Carolyn, із Феніксу, Арізона.
Once I drew sketches from imagination. I've never been in the desert, feel there are very nice and hot! I think, it will be interesting for you, friends, to see pastels by Carolyn. When she was in Phoenix, AZ! Light & Shadows!

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  1. Відповіді
    1. :))) Thank you, my friend!! I think - there are several figures standing from light :))))

      Have a warm and wonderful day, Kira!!!!!!!

  2. amazing! like underwater world, when you swim with opened eyes

    1. Let's swim in Light!!! :))) This is a wonderful feeling!
      Wonderful LIFE!!!!!

      THANK YOU, my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Відповіді
    1. Thank you so much, dear Tanya!!!
      Big HUG! :) And fantastic mood!!!!!

  4. This is a mesmerizing picture of the desert. The heat rises and makes edges blurry, and sometimes a mirage of liquid in the air or on the ground that is not really there. This is a hypnotic painting! It evokes moods and feelings and sensations of heat.

    1. Dear Carolyn! I was so inspired with your paintings in the desert! All of them: with rocks ad different interesting plants - are like poems!
      I am so glad and happy to hear your wonderful words! They sounds so beautiful! And inspiration has come! :)

      You are my muse today! THANK you very much!