середа, 18 липня 2012 р.

Пора Соняшників

Sunflowers Time
Навколо квітнуть поля соняшників. І один позував мені в моєму садку неподалік від річки. Літнього всім настрою!
There are fields of sunflowers around. And one posed to me in my garden near the river. Do you know that sunflower - is one of the symbols of Ukraine?
Summer mood for all you, friends!

А також хотіла поділитися із вами радістю - я провела чудові вихідні зі своїми родичами, які приїхали із Росії. Вони подарували мені ось цей набір пастелей!!! :D Дякую, Іруся, тьотя Оля, Юра і бабуся Марія!!! Я знаю, ви читаєте мій блог.
Also, I want to share with you my joy - I spent a wonderful weekend with my relatives from Russia. And they presented me 130 pastels in wooden box!
I know they are reading my blog - thank you so much!
~Summer mood~

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  1. Відповіді
    1. Так! :) дерев'яна коробка в два поверхи :))))
      І пахне так!
      Пастель найприємніша ця! Така м'яка :))))))

  2. Dearest my lovely friend Ira,

    thank you so much for including me in your list, i feel so incredibly honored, you make me so happy ♥♥♥
    and thank you also for being my sweet friend, you are so talented and i like your work!!!
    i have never really used pastels before, maybe you could teach me one day :D

    i'm actually blogging less these days, so sorry if i missed your post.
    Have a nice Sunday ok, take care XXOO

    HUGSSSS from me :))

    1. Hi, my dearest!!!!!!! Don't worry about missed posts!
      For me it is very nice to hear you! :* Thank you!!!!
      Oh! I would be happy to teach you :) it is not so hard to paint as you think!
      I am waiting your new post with story about you! BIG BIG HUG! And Irish GOOD LUCK for you!
      With Love!!!!!!!!

  3. your beautiful painting makes me want to have a garden with those kind of lovely flowers!! What a delight to stare at your artworks!! I am in love with your friends, that is a spellbinding present!! :D

    1. Uhuhuuu!!!!! :D
      How cool :) You liked my garden! I love to sit there and look on sunset over the reed and trees!
      This is my lovely place and of my Kitty! She is always there - among plants!
      Thank youu, my dearest! Kisses!!!!! :))))

  4. By the way, I also want to say that I love your wooden floor! :) Good day!

    1. :P Dear - this is a very old floor and I was a little bit afraid to share :))) Soo nice to hear your thoughts! I like old things - they are warm and nice to touch!
      BIG BIG HUGS! :) aand thank you for your wonderful comments!
      Have a great days!

  5. What a tremendous present! It will be fun to see what you make with the new pastels. The garden scene looks like it must have been delightful to sit in front of ~ such a lively and happy view while creating your own vision. Happy summer days to you too!

  6. Woow! This pastel box looks awesome! Surely are you looking forward to use it :D.
    The drawing is soo nice, transmits a lot of peace... mmm I 'm wacthing it and I want to sleep a little nap surrounded of the sunflowers :)
    I hope you have good time with your relatives.
    big bear hugs! (◕ω◕❀)(-ω-❁)(◕ω◕✾)(-ω-✿)

  7. Thank you, dearests and sweet Kimi and Miss Aoki! :-*
    How nice to hear! Your kindness and light gives me an inspiration and wonderful mood!
    Right now I am near this place!
    ant it is sending "hello" for you!
    keep calm and peace! Big Big bear-cat Hugs for you! <3<3<3

  8. Oh! Thank you, Kirochka! :-)
    Big hugs from me, Kitty and funny rainy clouds :-)
    This box with soft colours gives me an inspiration!