середа, 15 травня 2013 р.

Мої Пасхальні вихідні

My Easter Holidays
Святковий вихідний я провела, малюючи такий невеличкий етюд пастеллю, сидячи на відкритому просторі під сонечком. Було гарно: пташки співали і вже майже відквітлі дерева разом із бджолами розносили аромат нектару у повітря.
This day I spent with painting this little pastel, sitting in the open air under the sun. It was so nice - the birds sang and tree almost without blossom together with bees carried the scent of nectar in the air.

Декілька нарисів пастельним олівцем, що я малювала на подвір'ї: Also, some drawings with brown pastel pencil in my yard:
~Аґрус. Gooseberry~
~Кульбабки :) Dandelions~

Всім чудового дня!
Have a good day, friends!

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  1. Hi dear!
    Your drawings are always so great! But I love so much the pastel pencil ones. Lines are so expressive!
    Kiss! (✿✪‿✪。)

    1. Hi, sweetie! :)))) yes, the motiff was not so in pastel style :) but I wanted to paint, this is a little sketch of that day in colours :)
      I really enjoyed the process with pastel pencil in my sketchbook! And I am sooo happy that you liked lines!!!!!
      THANK U! :*** KISSES!!!!!

  2. long time no visit your blog i have missed youuuuuuuuuuu hope you are well okay ♥♥♥
    Dandelions are beautiful, too bad they are no Dandelions around here where i live :(

    1. Hi, sweetie! I missed you soo-soo much! <3<3<3
      Pity that there are no damdelions near you, but, I see on your drawings so beautiful lily of the valley! So wonderful dreamy-fairy-tale-mood

      BIG HUGS from dandelions and KISSES for you! *****

  3. I love your drawings and pastel painting! You inspire me to do some sketching again....

    1. Hi, dear Carolyn!
      You know, my friends have inspired me too and I decided to draw in sketchbook again! :)))

      How wonderful to have the friends-artists-souls!
      I am very happy! And want to say that your art is inspiring me a lot all time!